Tuesday, May 12, 2015

DIY Zine Display// Linework NW Haul

Alex built a freakin fabulous zine display. It helps us read the newest zines and comics we pick up instead of just letting them lie in a pile, collecting dust, or shelved away never to be seen again. I love having the artwork displayed in our living room/kitchen. Love seeing the work of our friends all the time. All of these books we picked up from the 2nd annual Linework NW ! Great haul.

-Temi, no. 2, and Dionsian Eeyee by Sera Stanton
-The Cult of the Ibis, no. 1 and 2 by Daria Tessler
-Sketchbook zine and Hole Show by Patrick Keck
-Intelligent Sentient? by Luke Ramsey 
-Seconds Helping by J. Fish
-Bird Girl and Fox Girl by Yumi Sakugawa
-Eat eat eat by Tom Van Deusen
-Pube Smoke by Max Clotfelter
-Town & Country by Kinoko and Cameron Hawkeye
-Jesus Twink by Party Twink (Lilly Craw)
-Ce/Ze by Suzanne Smith
-CHASE Anthology by Gridlords

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stills from Gridlords

A baby Gridlorian
Mask drawn by Sean Christensen, Master Gridlordian himself.

Party Twink, her publicist Lilly Craw & Asher Craw, and the posing Sean C. ABT.

Ana Beneroya at FISK Gallery



"I also have always felt like the American identity was a hyper-masculine one – something that I am not and can never be. To me, sports also embody this hyper-masculinity. I put two and two together and thought that this could be a good concept for a show – hence the title “American Heroes”. Through the depiction of different athletes and images of aggression and sexuality – I hoped to explore the concept of the identity of the “American Hero” – and why we idolize who and what we idolize." 
Taken from the FISK Gallery website

The Spritely Bean: SE Portland Comic Cafe

 A new little cafe just opened up off SE Powell Blvd. They have a lovely curated comic and zine shop in the back. Super kid friendly. Very down to earth. We have some Eyeball Burp zines there on consignment. It's our new favorite place to hang out and draw a bit.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alex Chiu Solo Show "Why So Serious?" @ The HOLLOW Gallery

@ The Hollow Gallery, Portland
Dec 5, 2013- Jan 5, 2014

Mr. Scuttlesworth giving out high fives all night!

 Jesse Narens, owner of The Hollow, and Alex at the opening

Stylish folks

Q & A with the artist

Stephanie from the Walter's Cultural Art Center!

 Artist friends Emily Nilsson and Sylvia Mann

Doodle bros Ross Jackson, the back of his head anyways, and Andrew Pannell

Xtreme art pumping