Monday, September 12, 2011

Get 'em: EBB 5 at the Flock Shop, Chinatown, LA

The newest item at Flock Shop (in Chinatown) is 
Eyeball Burp 5: Shine on you crazy diamonds

Tina Tae, Give her a pen, and she'll change the world
Theo Ellsworth, master illustrator extraordinare
Keenan Marshall Keller drippity mayhem & madness
Janice Lee, writer, artist & general bad-ass
Albane Simon, insane collagery (is that a word??!)

Issue 5 will really knock your pants off
It will wipe your butt clean
It will blow your mind
And only for FOUR BUCKS.

Holy moly, that's like 4 rolls of tp or 12 packages of top ramen.
I know, i know,
but i believe you can make a sacrifice.

well, can u?