Monday, August 15, 2011

Mobile to Lull the Sleepless into Slumber

Or Dreamcatcher, Or Nightmarish Fantasy Key Portal, Or Lullaby

I've been having the worst time sleeping this summer.  Maybe because I check my email right before bedtime and that stresses me out, or its too hot (I have a bitch of a time sleeping when its hot and sweaty), or I just have too much on my mind, which is why I keep a notebook near my pillow so I can scribble in the darkness all the thoughts and ideas that swirl around and feel a bit of a peace of mind.  And I hate taking Nyquil or Drowsy Cough Medicine when I don't need it.  I'm beginning to realize that when I used to drink a nightcap of a gin martini, that maybe it was useful, well, at least it knocked me out.  Either that, or I must increase my biking habits, so my body is too exhausted to care about the heat or stressful thoughts.  Either case being, I stay up until the 4ams.  But at least the other day I created something wonderful *at least in my opinion* Perhaps, my favorite art piece in a while....

installation materials: 
wire hanger, tacky glue, glitter, found objects (feathers, jewels, old jewelry, oddities...), yarn, stuffing