Friday, July 8, 2011

F*art Collective hits up TNC

Excuse us.
Wrapping up the poles like its Christmas
Oh, we only made about 100 of those flower chains,
(thanks belinda for teaching us ; )
Featured Illustrator Kevin Kwong
Come draw with me...
Rainbow lovely.
Emily putting the Penny Richards special!
f*ree arts table: terraniums & flower seed bombs
Frank and Melina teaching how to make seed bombs, so simple!
Emily and I explaining what F*arting is all about
Belinda bombing bike 
Board is filling up! 
Sharon Omi saying, "Yes AND!"
Randy Nelson speaking truthful poetry about parking lots and Ikea
hi friends
Featured Live Artist Nicanor Evangelista. What a kind true spirit!
Finished! Looks amazing!
These dudes took it home with them.  Truely a f*ree art night!