Sunday, March 13, 2011

undeniably good tools learned

Some helpful tips from writers of the undeniables:
how to cure writer's block:

-put on some music, listen to the words
-Give me... prompts (color, title, letter)
-critique from friends, how to improve
-....And then
-describe an image
-consider a specific emotion "tuning"
-set themes/series, like one line of a song per piece (while listening to it)
-carry a notepad at all time to jot ideas in
-recording device, next to bed
-dreams: elements, mood, story
-carry physical copies of work, always be working on your writing
-describe new places, people

Writers Workshop Annual Symposium
Part 1
 Part 2
" writers, we carve ourselves into the mountain of reality then pass on the tools." NVM Gonzalez