Tuesday, March 1, 2011

an American Comedy, Book 1: Hell

Downtown Fullerton rocks.  Lee's Sandwiches, a train station, The Continental (where we saw The Color Turning play a free show once) and Hibbleton Art Gallery.  After picking up a Downtown Fullerton Art Walk map (first Fridays of the month), we wandered around looking for the new location.  

Fortune! We ran into Jesse La Tour, the gallery dude, walking around and he opened up the space for us.  OMG--I almost shat my pants because Hibbleton is now inhabiting a gorgeous old machine warehouse space, alongside PAS Gallery, Violethour, with more projects along the way.  Most exciting is Hibbleton's Small Press and Zine corner (!!!), soon to be bookstore, though they are still drywalling that puppy.  Jesse says he's become obsessed with zines and is now, along with running for city council, making them constantly.  Us too! Anyways, I gave him Colorish Dreams, my newest blogzine, and we talked about our collective passion to see the LA/OC zine culture grow, and to have spaces and resources to do just that.  

Before we left, I picked up his Illustrated Memoir zine.  Here's a sneak peek.  It rocks, by the way. It is an intimate picture into his Hell, leaving you running to the bathroom, thankful to remove your own bowels, as you contemplate your own spirituality and draw upon your own profoundly mundane moments.  This is part one of a series of three. Enjoy!

One of my favorite pages
Published by Hibbleton Press, 2010
For more of Jesse's writings