Monday, September 6, 2010

chinatown no.2

on the way to chinatown
you must battle 
(insert balls over LA traffic idea here)
then there will be overly expensive parking
deal with it.
note to self about 
it is not really "in" Chinatown
it is near Olvera Street
in order to get to the center of Chinatown
we hopped on the metro at union station

see you can go to chinatown AND japantown, for the Arts District

Let's move 4 stops down and start the underground.
but now that i just told you that, i'm going to have to kill you.
ahhhhhh!!!! just kidding, crazy cat mural near Grand Star Ballroom. 
John Park live painting
left Ooga Booga a hello!
we dig your shit!
(okay, enough brown nosing)

used and (un)used
2010 a'misa chiu

uncovering the discovered.
this urban trekking is tripping me out.
(by the way, a good way to describe WELLS is psych-folk-indie-rock)

the re(occuring) image
over and over again,
help me.

 read adjacencies.

plaid and leather chic
what does this man know?  his eye is knowing.

journeyeurs: yumi sakugawa, justin nakasone, alex chiu, a'misa chiu

'til the next installment:
chinatown nights?
through the belies of sam woo?
a trek from the Chinese American Museum to Chinatown center: photo along subway
shouldn't LA have a free-metro zone, in the arts district?