Tuesday, August 17, 2010

don't go as a freaky ass dolphin boy...

when Lady gaga's in town, what do you wear to her show?

you could go like Empire of the Sun would
 (umbrellas used to shade from the sun, or to make your chicken wing costume)
like a good little desert mystic
(i googled desert mystic)
if that many cacti around a mystic pool of mirage water, that shamans and deities bath in their inner minds, doesn't weird you out, then this dolphin man will!
nothing is scarier than a big dolphin head on a man's body
nothing except this freaky dancing dolphin, ah!!!!!

nothing except this mummy poster

which brings us to where kenneth's outfit first started out, 
with orange mummy influence and some day glo shoelaces
wrap it around mummy tight
cover at least one eye, aliyah-style...
....and voila!!! ready set, gaga!

see, we are the leaders we've been waiting for.
i appauld you, tavi gevinson, for reminding us that we all have a voice
and that blogs are revolutionizing the here and now

maybe now i can sleep soundly