Friday, July 9, 2010

Self-determined Artspaces

The old Union Church was built in 1924, right next to the Firm Building.  In 1976, the Union Church congregation moved into its new location, on the corner of Third Street and San Pedro Street, the historic building was left vacant.  The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) used the building for awhile, but left it unused in 1980.  It was left vacant and disheveled for 12 years.   "It was falling apart.  There was dead cats, dead pigeons and fleas," quotes Bill Watanabe, Executive Director of LTSC, who was incharge of the redevelopement project at the time. He's come out tonight in solidarity with the Project and Eyeball Burp.  

In 1999, a community organizer, performance artist, poet, and activist traci kato-kiriyama decided to create a community-runned, self-determined, free artspace in the middle of the week in the middle of downtown LA.  This multi-disciplinary performance space would eventually be dubbed the Tuesday Night Project.  

Teaming up with traci and a team of hypemasters, productionesses, and other mover and shakers in the LA area, was host Johneric Concordia, who alongside them, wished to have a multi-disciplinary space where all sorts of "performance" could take place, especially in a time where most space was "genre" based.  

This July 6, Tuesday Night Project happened once more.  This time it was Blogger's night.  Crazy posts have since hit the internet arena.  We eatz blogged. So did 8 Asians. Even angry asian man

Room for Improv was hilarious. I recognized some from Project Newspeak. Then there was representing  East LA and messages about supporting your communities. I didn't catch the man's name who sang below.  If you know, please comment.  He was solid and steady and inspiring.  

A brother-sister telling of stories, for the open mic time. For Paul's. For Ann's.  Thanks Paul for coming out and holding up the night with love, truth, and togetherness, and doing it with so much soul. yes, yes, I was very proud of who He has become.  Much more brothers and sisters, much more. 

Dawen, plus Sue Jin, Shin, and Jenny San Angel, sounded like raindrops from the sky.  Refreshing and the jazzy band that we all wished that we could be apart of.  Made me want to tap my feet. Got to see Brown Star for the first time.  I didn't know that our good friend, Chucky Kim usually plays with them. What a small wonderful self-determined world.   

Recently Alex and I have enjoyed participating in playing with Wells.  Its been a completely holistic experience basking in the process of creating music with others.  Its almost a trance-like connect with one makes while jamming.  Since I was little, I've always enjoy music, singing, and dancing.  Now getting the chance to vocalize and beat with these down-to-earth music-making dudes has made my year.
Wells performed a dreamy experimental mix-tape mashup of artists like Yeasayer, Megabusive, Wolf Parade, and the Pixies, who daily inspire us to play in new and innovative ways.  It was a really good time through that whole process.

All of this is made possible by the community's support.  In addition to 2 Bux Won't Suck, the TNP is throwing a TN Party on July 31st in the JACCC Plaza.   Come give your support, experience more of what TNP has to offer, hear resident-and-visiting performers, and say hi to folks like us