Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Flop Box

There is a green bin that sits in front of the local donut shop.  It has "free publications" painted on it, though the paint is peeling off from time, rain, neglect.  Usually free magazines like Cars, Houses, or the Penny Saver can be found in here, but lately small zines & hand-drawn stickers have been popping up inside of it too.  

Who ever drew this sticker is rad!!!
THE FLOP BOX: what do you know, its a zine distro/maker from SF! 
Thanks for stopping by the "free pub" bin on Western/182nd.

So I'm tripping right now, because the flop box has zines like Sleep Train by Pez, zines that I reviewed in Eyeball Burp 2! And I got those zines from a small press booth at the DUMBO fleamarket in Brooklyn.  Wow, small world if you are a zinester.  I love worlds colliding.

Here's a zine that I just made especially for the Poetry for the People Table 

Please visit Autofreak and check out cool art, cool writings, cool people, cool 'autofreak' sign.  
It is a wonderful venue for the local community arts folks.  I love it.  It is a temporary project so run on over and see it before.... poof... its gone.