Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The IPRC is an non-profit self publishing center that rules.  
It is an Eyeball Burp dream.  You don't even know... 
Programs, classes, zine library, Theo Ellsworth. 

Letterpress classes.  You know those fancy-shmancy cards in boutique stores that sell $4... Yup, you could just make your own (after learning all the machinery that is).  But well worth the time! 

This is a bulletin board.  Bulletin is a very hard word to spell.  I could feel my brain working to spell that correctly.  Like 6 x 8.  That was the hardest in my times table.

Best advice I've heard in years.  Don't wait around for the Atlantic or the New Yorker to publish you, just do it yourself. It's all here at the IPRC.  Oh, Portland.  How wonderful.