Friday, January 8, 2010

Blue Minivan Tour: day 1

1. Ate too much Flaming Hot Lays.  Auntie Julie gave us a huge bag of snacks.  Our "cleanse" has not started yet. 

2. Bought and ate the most amazing oranges from Fresno. we felt healthier immediately after consuming the sweet sweet fruit.

3. Yano misoyaki chicken dishes.  Stuffed ourselves silly.  Lawrence's miso-sesame-peanut butter sauce was pretty dang good. A cozy start to the trip.

4.  Mr. Handyman Yano: teaches us how to put cable chains on our tires, replaces the fuse to the cigarette lighter so we can use our GPS, stocks our suitcases with snow gear, rain gear, and all other hiking/outdoor wear.  us kids used to make fun of the Yanos for always being way too prepared for the weather, but now we are eternally grateful for their advice and hiking boots.

5. Mrs. Helping-the-young-people-save-their-money Yano: provides us with nourishment that won't spoil: peanut buttter, bagels, cheddar cheese, dried fruits, salami, and her old camping knife

6. Made extensive list of greasy diners, drive-ins and dives to eat at up and down the coast, but mostly in Portland.