Thursday, December 31, 2009

sleep speaks

Some of our most valued partnerships has been with the guys of the Culver Den, people whose thoughts and ideas have invaded our collective consciousness, and consistently inspire Alex and i.  It was initially so out of the ordinary that such thoughts and conversations could be found in the South Bay, but now days it is merely just apart of the movement that is happening.  Our hope for you, is that you too find a  place for yourself in all of it, and work alongside us in telling the story of our generation, this culture in which we reside in.  --ann

Eyeball Burp,

One of the more intimidating things running though my mind, more now than ever before, is the idea of complacency.  Complacency is the reason why I watch TV, why I turn on the Xbox, why I sit in front of my computer, why I stare at the evening news.  It’s the default, the path of least resistance, and what usually makes sense.  It won’t make anything any better or any worse and it will always be there.  There’s a strange comfort in knowing that I can continue existing until the next thing comes along.  I don’t even think there’s anything wrong with this, but in my odd way of thinking, I want to believe that there are bigger and more important things out there.  Because I know that watching MTV or ESPN can’t help me see what’s really coming. 

Ann and Alex, you guys are the opposite of complacency.  You are kinetic energy, moving around, smacking us around a little…getting us all moving.  Like the first two kids to the dance floor in middle school, just going for the glory.  And that’s pretty inspiring and awfully cool.  So I want to say…thanks Ann, and thanks Alex, for pushing us.  For the breath of fresh air.  Thanks for this publication, an outlet for so many of us who would otherwise be at home, flipping the channel.  We find ourselves reading and writing more than ever before, not only because of the art you've compiled, but because that art actually belongs to us!

Kevin 'Sleep' Sanada