Saturday, December 19, 2009

Monkeys and Lions, Loop-de-loop

When first entering the warehouse space, I was caught awe-inspired by the fantastical land that I stepped into.  Almost by giving the door man a fiver, he allowed me to step through the warerobe and into a Narnia-esque landscapes, filled with humongous puppet constructions, a bus turned into a lounge area/throne, beds to lay upon, a puppet making station, d.i.y. vendors.  Alex gasped and whispered, "they are burners, i know it. ann, this is what burning man is like... but its here. wow"

Though the flier at the door said that the Adult Puppet Slam will "lower your standards", we were unfazed by the semi-crude humor.  Does that mean my standards are already low?  Like Team America low?  Animal Cracker Conspiracy inspires me to make puppets and host ridiculous puppet cabarets. 

(Animal Cracker Conspiracy stretches the boundaries between a number of different art forms; combining puppetry, toy and object theatre, dance, stilt-walking, and circus arts).

Performers and Creators Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn 

Iain with his blacklight stencil mask

Alex sporting my puppet headband alongside the table of mysterious objects...

Scaffolding supporting dragons, chandeliers, neon lights, cigarette smoke...

Colin with his ridiculously muscular puppet man-child with leopard banana hammock!

Thanks Van for hosting and taking us to the most amazing puppet show ever!